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We design projects ranging from Web and App Development, UX/UI Design, Social Media and Graphic Design, Purchase and Planning of online ads, Consulting in Digital Reputation and Transformation and in-depth Market Studies; All of these work to serve the goals of your brand by achieving better positioning, increasing audience engagement on social media, generating new clients and increasing sales in-store, online and through other distribution channels.

Strategy, creativity and passion are crucial for us to align with the goals of our clients and this way, we can provide unique solutions to the brands that are seeking to explore and succeed in the digital world.

OUR behaviors

I only promise what I can accomplish, and I demand from myself what I request from my colleagues.​

I have a deep obsession with understanding clients and helping them achieve their goals.


I admit that in everything and everyone there is something to learn, I share my learning process with others.



With our Management Team you can obtain an excellent result and discover disruptive ideas that lead to success for your brand.

Rodolfo Salazar

CEO and President

Otto Cruz

Head of Operations

Francisco Cabrera

Administrative Director

Kevin Aguirre

Head of Digital Strategy

Samuel Gamero

Head of Development

Jorge Guerrero

Head of Consultancy

Emma Fuentes

Head of Commercial & Sales